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Panosport MAKER
Panorama Video

Panosport MAKER allows to have a panoramic video of the whole field with high resolution.

With three videocamera Full HD (1920x1080) it is possible to have a final video with 6K of resolution and a fixed view of the whole match field.

The whole field view allows to have always the tactical configuration under control in any moment of the match. By means of the integrated player (Panasport PLAYER) it is possible to analyze the different phase of the game focussing in any part of the field changing the zoom level while watching.

(Runs on Windows 7 or higher)

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What is
Panosport MAKER

Fast Software functional and professional with a minimum investment


By means of any type of videocamera: professional, commercial or even mobile phone.


Process the three video and create one single high resolution panoramic video.


The integrated player allows to analyze the match with the whole field and using the desired zoom level.

Panosport PLAYER
Panorama Video Player

Any video with high resolution need a proper player to handle the large amount of pixels. Panosport PLAYER easily manage video created with MAKER . The PLAYER is free and integrated with Panosport MAKER

You can change the zoom level and pan the video while watching it, create several syncronized windows to whatch the same scene with different zoom level.

Some functionalities are already present but others will be added in the future.

Panosport DIRECTOR
Video Analysis 2.0

DIRECTOR is under development but we want to anticipate the coming out of the Software. You will be able to use the video created with MAKER to create incredible video effect for presentation.

Automatic focus and tracking of players, graphic on video (light on player, triangles on field, players connections)

Creation of a presentation video with graphics.

Our goal is to create a simple to use Software with reduced costs to bring the technology to all levels, from Academy to big Clubs.

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  • (VAT excluded)
  • Full Email Support
  • 1 year Video Recording
  • Player Included



  • (VAT excluded)
  • Full Email Support
  • Unlimited Video Recording
  • Player Included
  • Upgrade unlimited



    Mounting support
    Camera holder tool with screws


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    Mounting support
    Complete Kit with
    Support screws suitcase and three cameras Canon LEGRIA HF R606 (SD memory included)